For Tyeth’s Further Art Adventures


Hello Everybody, today I am going to showcase my limited artistic skills! Well, I really mean a few scribbles I did about 8 years ago. I also have my first attempts at colouring in a Star Wars image where I discover it’s harder than I remember it being from my time as a youngling! Ok I will start with my pencil sketches, and I need to point out I only had a HB grade pencil to draw this so I had to double over on certain parts to get darker lines (and use a hair and some air pressure to get lighter lines). The images are of a couple of characters from a popular BBC television puppet show, Mongrels!

Now I know some of the proportions are out but I think I did ok for two thirty minute quick draws. I hadn’t decided I wanted to take up drawing seriously…

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Multi Weapons Dalek

Credit Sam Therapy - foreground Daleks  Bill Bailey imperial NSD

Dalek in the Sun

Credit :   Mechmaster

Statistics and there interpretation

Rather a grand title, for  a small statistic post about my blog.  Today the views  hit 800 this year, which is 200 more than the entire of last year.  This is almost entirely down to a single post about a Linux mint problem. The solution, I chose to write about to save me looking it …

Google me and paranoia -my solution

My on going love hate relationship with the internet recently focused on Google. I got an email about googles privacy policy update,  A long with the 100,s I have had recently. This got me checking my account to see what else was being recorded about me.  I had to turn off a couple more items. …

More CGI Daleks and a bit of a moan

The Mechmaster tv21 emperor -  and 2 Sam Therapy models, that started out as object files. I have started posting a bit on Deviant Art, I get a lot more traffic there. But the comments are a bit odd at times. I gave up rendering on my old computers in my man cave, there just …

Broadband Issuses – again

Once again my fibre Broadband is playing up,  I have contacted my supplier EE whom , to be fair get on the case straight away.   BT whom own all the UK phone lines however, despite being very polite and turning up on schedule, have now no sorted the problem properly. This time it is less …