More Blender Dalek’s

This image of Daleks is the result of me learning how to import a blend file into a current project. It could be any 3 objects, I happen to like Dalek's. Blog news I imported all my posts from My Dalek images blog recently - some of the categories and posts will need tidying up.  …


From C4d to Blender

exporting some of my Daleks into Blender. Messing about with software is a very good way to get used to it, well thats what I tell myself Its a Start- my long long path to using Blender. The free and legal 3D software

900 visits this year – Thank you.

So thus far this Year this blog has now had 900 visits that is  300 more than the the entire of last year. This is all down to one post about a problem on Linux mint, and the solution does not work for me any more. I have rendered a couple more Dalek images  using …

Multi Weapons Dalek

Credit Sam Therapy - foreground Daleks  Bill Bailey imperial NSD

Dalek in the Sun

Credit :   Mechmaster

More CGI Daleks and a bit of a moan

The Mechmaster tv21 emperor -  and 2 Sam Therapy models, that started out as object files. I have started posting a bit on Deviant Art, I get a lot more traffic there. But the comments are a bit odd at times. I gave up rendering on my old computers in my man cave, there just …

Broadband Issuses – again

Once again my fibre Broadband is playing up,  I have contacted my supplier EE whom , to be fair get on the case straight away.   BT whom own all the UK phone lines however, despite being very polite and turning up on schedule, have now no sorted the problem properly. This time it is less …